Your Trustworthy Manufacturing Partner for OEM & ODM Services

• We do ODM Manufacturing or Private Label Manufacturing: We manufacture the filling material using our own formulation, know-how; we manufacture the packs by using Artworks and Labels of the Customer (we provide packaging, manufacturing know-how and formulation in the standards required by the Customer and by using Customer’s Artworks and Labels).

• We do OEM Manufacturing or Contract Manufacturing: Customer provides us the formulation, packaging details, Labels, Artworks and specifications. Accordingly, in the required standards we manufacture the filling material and make the packaging.

• We do Contract Packaging: The filling material is provided by the Customer. Packaging know-how is provided by us or the Customer. In accordance with Customer’s demand, all or some of the packaging material can be supplied either by the Customer.

Your Trustworthy Partner

Private Label, OEM & ODM Production Solutions

We have more than 10,000 square meters production area with high end machinery and we are capable of producing various products for your brand.

  • Liquid Filling Line
  • Wet Wipes Machine
  • Sachet Filling Machine
  • OEM/ODM & Private Label